This is not a Test: Simulation Theory is Here.

I’m really glad Matthew Bellamy didn’t choose another profession. I can’t imagine him doing anything else. He brings such unique falsetto vocals to the world of rock. The electronic, synth, politically charged lyrics, and alternate-reality feel all describe the band’s newest album “Simulation Theory.”

It dropped today after several singles were already released months prior to its release. Singles including “Dig Down,” “Something Human,” and “Pressure.” Today’s album release coincided with another single being released from it, “Propaganda.” The newest single features Bellamy’s characteristic falsetto and so many layers of instrumentation and mixing, I’m not even sure where to begin. This song mixes dance, electronica, and a beat that makes me want to do my best robot dance. Turn up the bass on this song; as well as the whole album really. 

Much like the hero archetype that has permeated our society in Westerns, video games, and the classic underdog tale, the album is laid out in a way that depicts a character’s quest. From the album cover reminiscent of Tron, to the song names, to the purposeful sequence of the song’s titles. The “hero” makes an epic space quest from: “Algorithm,” to the “Dark Side,” to feeling “Pressure,” to fighting (“Get Up and Fight”) to “Dig Down” to ultimately ending up in the “Void.”

Then if you still didn’t get enough, Muse has included some truly amazing remixes and live cuts. Check out the amazing live performance of “Pressure” with the UCLA Bruin Marching Band. Also noteworthy is the live cut of “Thought Contagion” where the crowd commences the song with its anthemic and scale modulating woahs. 

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